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Raising money for a political campaign requires more than just people skills and a good phone voice. It requires a lot of time and effort. Fundraisers we’ve talked to are looking for ways to raise money while spending less time on administrative tasks and data entry. CompleteCampaigns.com has designed its BackOffice software to help professional fundraisers do just that.

Saving Time

The advantage of BackOffice is that it was designed for fundraisers with a flexibility that makes it great for treasurers as well. By using the same system as their clients, fundraisers can get easier access to deeper information, while letting the campaign do the administrative work. As soon as the accountant enters in contribution information, it becomes instantly available to the fundraiser. By the same token, if the volunteer coordinator is making calls to your donor, you can find out about it at the touch of a button.

When you and your clients are using BackOffice, you never have to upload datasets the campaign sends you. You don’t have to switch programs when dealing with a new campaign. Everything is available on one system, in one interface. That saves you both time and money.

Lists, Labels and Letters

The three basic staples of fundraising – lists, labels and letters – are conveniently integrated into BackOffice. For any given group of donors and potential donors, fundraisers can easily:

  • Print call sheets;
  • Create mail merge letters and labels;
  • Or automatically generate and track thank-you notes.

Mass Customization

Many of our clients utilize a technique called "mass customization" to simultaneously communicate with a large number of donors and potential donors, while still keeping each correspondence personal. BackOffice has integrated tools that allow clients to target and personalize their messages using nearly any combination of variables imaginable. And BackOffice goes beyond the mail merge capabilities of most database systems by integrating mass email and fax capabilities directly into the system.

Donor Tracking

While some people will give money in response to letters or invitations, the more high-level contributors often require more personal attention. Our communication management tool allows you to log the details of every conversation you have with a given donor. For those prospects that need further attention, you can then create a reminder to follow up with them at a later date. The reminder system ensures that you can give your high-level donors the attention that they deserve.

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