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General Management

Managing a political campaign is a demanding job that requires intimate knowledge of all aspects of campaigning, including communications, volunteers, fundraising and accounting. CompleteCampaigns.com’s BackOffice was built to address this need. At any time day or night, campaign managers can have access to all of the campaign records in the system.

One manager was recently working on a campaign budget at midnight when he needed to access the accountant's records to determine how much money was on hand, what bills remained outstanding and how well the fundraiser was reaching her goals. Using BackOffice, he was able to do exactly that. After realizing that the campaign needed to raise more funds, he was able to print a phone list of the campaign's steering committee for the candidate to call in the morning.

In another campaign, a manager found herself in a situation in which the candidate was hit with negative press while the manager was out of town. She needed a quick reply. Writing a press release took her 10 minutes; using BackOffice’s broadcast fax feature, distributing it to nearly 100 press contacts took her less than two.

Campaign Website

CompleteCampaigns.com’s SiteBuilder provides an effective way to keep candidates and constituents connected through a useful, dynamic and attractive campaign website. With SiteBuilder, a campaign can quickly create and maintain its own website, edit content and instantly publish to the site - all without technical knowledge or graphic design skills.

The campaign can post news, articles and endorsements to the website, as well as uploading photos and video content. SiteBuilder also makes it easy to accept contributions and recruit volunteers online.

Voter Database

The campaign’s relationship with voters is an undeniably important part of success. To be able to effectively communicate with them, it is essential that a campaign be equipped with a detailed database of voter information. CompleteCampaigns.com's VoterManager product provides you with the tools to gather, sort and analyze all of this information in an easy-to-use system.

In addition, VoterManager’s “easy update technology” allows you to update your records with the latest information without losing any of the details your campaign already collected.

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