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Reasons to Switch to CompleteCampaigns.com

Why are people switching?

With so many people dissatisfied or even frustrated with their campaign software, it’s not surprising that they often want to know what CompleteCampaigns.com has to offer. In a recent user survey by the Personal Democracy Forum, CompleteCampaigns.com was ranked #1 in software, #1 in service, #1 in price, and #1 for campaign management software providers overall. It's no surprise then that more and more campaigns are switching to CompleteCampaigns.com.

Why should you switch? Because...

19 …You’re still scrolling past that code for “Bananarama fan” from that fundraiser you held back in 1986. Inactive Codes & Communications: Rather than deleting data, our software offers a way to archive your data without losing it.

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Our company handles many federal candidates’ committees, and our clients are always pleasantly surprised at how outstanding CompleteCampaigns.com is in comparison to the competition.

Emily T. Hoover
Financial Manager
For several years I've felt as if I was being held hostage by my software provider. At that time, they were the only company offering a product that came close to meeting my campaign fundraising and reporting needs. Upon discovering CompleteCampaigns.com I was extremely pleased with their products and impressed with their service. I would highly recommend CompleteCampaigns.com.

Denna Huett
Campaign Consultant