Public Pages: Code Order Index


You may now set your Public Page Codes in a specific order.  This will allow you to have the codes appear on your website in the order of your preference, as opposed to a default order. 


For instance, your committee is using the Standard Signup Form as a Volunteer Page, and you have various jobs listed as checkboxes.  That way, people can check off what they want to do.  Since each of these checkboxes corresponds to a code, people essentially code themselves as they go.  Once set up, your page would have a section that looks like this:



However, you don’t like the order of these.  Instead you want to put them in your own order.  To do this:


  1. Go to Management > Public Pages

  2. Click Modify next to the page you wish to change.

  3. Locate the Order column in the Page Codes section.

  4. Number your codes in the order you would like them to appear.



  1. Click Save Changes

  2. To see your changes, locate the Location link in the Page Settings box, back near the top of the page.  Click on the Location link.




Your Page Codes will now be in the order you specified; they will look like this:



This tool will give your page the flexibility it needs to meet your committee’s changing priorities.  You can easily add new codes, and reorder them so they fit in with your current needs.  This tool will give your page an extra edge of professionalism (and usually make your web designer happy). 



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