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Complete<strong>Campaigns</strong>.com has been voted the best political campaign management software two years running.

Mission Statement

CompleteCampaigns.com provides outstanding web-based services to help campaigns effectively track supporters, voters, fundraising, and volunteers.

Unlike software solutions housed on a computer or network, CompleteCampaigns.com is available to its clients from any computer with internet access. This allows real-time sharing of information between campaign headquarters, off-site consultants, volunteers working from the field or from home, and satellite offices, eliminating the need for multiple databases, which can create confusion and duplicate efforts.

Our company goal is to provide superior service and support, allowing campaigns to work at their maximum efficiency with our products. To that end, we have 24-hour support on call for emergencies, and our clients enjoy unlimited access to support and training.

Company History

Ben Katz began CompleteCampaigns.com in 2000. He had been working as a political consultant and felt there was a need for software that could streamline a campaign's operations. CompleteCampaigns.com has grown to provide solutions for fundraising, accounting and contact management, online donation processing, voter contact, and web site administration. The company serves over 800 clients in 26 states, from local-level campaigns through Congressional and statewide races.

CompleteCampaigns.com offers four main products: BackOffice, the flagship product, for fundraising, accounting and contact management; VoterManager for voter contact tracking; SiteBuilder for fast and simple campaign website creation and management; and FundRaiser for online donation processing. Recently, CompleteCampaigns.com expanded its offerings to include CompleteGov, a constituent management program designed for elected officials’ district offices, and CampaignGuide, a free web resource on campaign management.

Ben Katz began his career as a political operative in San Diego. He worked on and managed a variety of campaigns ranging from city council through U.S. Senate. He later founded a political consulting firm offering services in data management, fundraising, compliance reporting and general consulting. It was his personal frustration with available software that led him to found CompleteCampaigns.com. He has built CompleteCampaigns.com into an industry leader in cutting-edge Internet technology for political campaigns.

Mr. Katz is considered an expert about online fundraising, compliance reporting, voter tracking, cyber-security and other Internet-related issues. He has been invited to share his expertise with a number of organizations, including:

  • The CIA's Cyber-Influence Project: Political Perspectives and Insights. He provided information on Internet technologies and related security issues.
  • The California Republican Party Convention. Mr. Katz regularly chairs a panel on Campaign Finance Law with the Party's General Counsel, Charles H. Bell, Jr.
  • PoliticsOnline 2004 Conference, on the topic of Internet communications in politics.
  • WinningCampaigns on the topics of fundraising and Internet technologies.
  • E-Voter Institute Forums on the convergence of politics and the Internet.

In November of 2008, Aristotle International, an industry leader and pioneer in political technology solutions, acquired CompleteCampaigns.com, creating the largest, non-partisan provider of campaign technology in the political marketplace serving more than 2,000 clients in 50 states, from local-level to federal races. The acquisition aligned some of the industry's strongest software brands and political technologies for managing campaigns. The move also accelerates Aristotle's plan to expand its industry-leading data platforms and suite of political software with new web-based technologies and mobile applications for campaign professionals and voters alike.

“As part of Aristotle's growth strategy which includes significant investments in internal R&D as well as external acquisitions of strategically aligned companies or new technologies, the CompleteCampaigns.com deal represents the first step towards realizing our vision for the future...and, we're excited about the possibilities,” said John Aristotle Phillips, CEO of Aristotle International. “By combining the passion, creativity, and technology of two leading-edge companies, we will continue to drive innovations that help political professionals better manage campaign operations, communicate with key constituencies, and engage the citizenry in the democratic process. We're pleased to add their skills and knowledge to our team.”

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Thank you for making my job as treasurer so easy. It really is very user friendly and as easy as pushing a button to get the reports I need.

Margaret Lee
Wow. This is powerful. That's great. I have needed something like this for awhile.

Honorable Eric Pettigrew
Our company handles many federal candidates’ committees, and our clients are always surprised at how outstanding CompleteCampaigns.com is in comparison to the competition.

Emily T. Hoover
Financial Manager

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