May 2013 Dinner with CAGOP Chair Jim Brulte and Vice Chair Harmeet Dhillon

What comes next for our CA Republican Party? Imagine a revitalized CA Republican Party to lead the way defending hardworking taxpayers. No excuses … you deserve answers and we want to get to work to find solutions to California’s problems. Meet Jim Brulte new CA GOP Chairman and Harmeet Dhillon new CA GOP Vice Chairman. Pleasanton Mayor Jerry Thorne is Honorary Co-Host.

The event takes place at the Pleasanton Marriott Hotel, 11950 Dublin Canyon Road, Pleasanton CA 94588.

Date: Thursday May 16, 2013

Time: 7:00pm; VIP Reception at 6:00pm

Tickets are $60.

VIP Reception Tickets are $150.

Tickets may also be purchased by check by mailing your RSVP with the contact, employer and occupation information requested on this page to the Alameda County Republican Party, 1039 MacArthur Blvd, San Leandro, CA 94577

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